2013 December

SpaceZero update. version 0.86.00

  • Added: Spanish translation.
  • Added: new objects: satellites.
  • Added: New objects: Freighter.
  • Added: Cargo. Ships can carry objects.
  • Added: Trading.
  • Minor enhances.
  • Bugfixes.
  • AI:
    • Added: ORBIT order.

2013 September

SpaceZero update. version 0.84.02

  • fix: In save games
  • fix: Collision between ships and pilots.

2013 July

SpaceZero update. version 0.84.01

  • fix: Pursuing target, waste of fuel.
  • fix: no ammunition, doesn't return home.
  • fix: graphics in statistics.

2013 May

SpaceZero update. version 0.84.00

  • Added: air resistance.
  • Added: game statistics.
  • Added: random planet names.
  • New explosions.
  • Added: new ship models for pirates.
  • Max velocity increased when accelerate.
  • GUI:
    • Now you can select ships in space.
    • Number of galaxies added to options window.
    • Added: enemyknown as game option.
    • Added: random planet names (thanks to Parallel Realities).
    • Added: -pirates option.
    • Added: new ship models for pirates.
    • Ctrl-w to write messages instead of O-w.
    • Number of galaxies added to options window.
  • AI:
    • Added: retreat n(ear).
    • AI improved.
    • AI of missiles reviewed.
    • Attacks improved.
  • Sound:
  • Minor enhances.
  • Bugfixes.

2012 Nov

SpaceZero update. version 0.82.04

  • Bugfix.

2012 Sep

SpaceZero update. version 0.82.03

  • Fix: bug that creates identical planets.

2012 May

SpaceZero update. version 0.82.02

  • Fix: bug that creates unnecessary trace points.

2012 February

SpaceZero update. version 0.82.01

  • Fix: AI bug related to the buy and upgrade of ships.

2012 January

SpaceZero update. version 0.82.00

  • Added astronauts. Survival pods.
  • Window is now resizable.
  • Start up options menu.
  • Sound volume control.
  • Keys defined by user.
  • Select and send spaceships with mouse.
  • Help in game.
  • AI:
    • Added order RETREAT.
    • Modified order STOP.
    • EXPLORE reviewed. The ships dont explore out of Universe limits anymore. Explore method depends on ship's level.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Asteroids are no more visible everywhere.
    • Several minor bugfixes.
  • Minor enhances.

2011 November

SpaceZero update. version 0.80.08

  • Fix: Removed RT signals from code, are not used and some architecture failed to build.

2011 October

SpaceZero update. version 0.80.07

  • Fix: Makefile

2011 September

SpaceZero update. version 0.80.06

  • Added: html manual.
  • Refix: initial planet coordinates.
  • Install target directory only defined in Makefile.

2011 July

SpaceZero update. version 0.80.05

  • Added: engine flares.
  • Fix: initial planet coordinates.

SpaceZero update. version 0.80.04

  • Fix: ships takeoff with very few ammunition.
  • Fix: incorrect initial number of planets. Incorrect initial planet coordinates, planets out of limits.

2011 Jun

SpaceZero update. version 0.80.03

  • Fix: pause when order write.
  • Fix: [32-64 bit net games] Client nickname is truncated to the last part.
  • Fix: Queen autopilot: still crash the ship while landing
  • Fix: Towers always aim the enemy even if out of range.
  • help patch (gionnico)
  • spacecomm patch (resolve hostnames) (gionnico)

2011 May

SpaceZero update. version 0.80.02

  • Bug fix: [segmentation fault] when you press TAB, PAGUP, PAGDN in order mode (thanks gionnico)

SpaceZero update. version 0.80.01

  • Filter added in order mode. Unwanted characters are not showed any more.
  • The keys: TAB, PageUp, PageDown and HOME get out also from order mode.

SpaceZero update. version 0.80.00

  • Bug fixes.
    • Bug fixed that make pirates too strong.
    • A crashing bug fixed in net games between 32 and 64 bits machines.
    • Several minor bugfixes.
  • AI improvements:
    • AI players follow different strategies.
    • Attacks to planets improved.
  • Teams. Mode games added:
    • Cooperative.
    • Deathmatch.
    • Queen mode.
  • Ships can be selected with mouse.
  • Game speed improved.
  • GAME OVER added.
    When game is over, pressing the "f7" and "f8" keys you can observe the other players.
  • Minor changes:
    • Sound control from menu.
    • It is no longer necessary to install the game to have sound. Sound works from the installation directory.
    • Indicate player names in the command line, now works.
    • Documentation updated.
    • Ships and asteroids destroyed inside a planet increase the planet resources.
    • The command line option -nopirates added.
    • Feedback given in the terminal when an order is given.

2010 December

SpaceZero update. version 0.78

  • Bug fixes.
  • AI improves.
    • Formation of commands.
  • Added Asteroids.
  • New object numeration system (lower numbers).
  • Ships can be upgrade.
  • Frames by second up to 24. Smoother movement.

2010 October

Update release. Bug fixed. version 0.76.1

2010 September

First public release of SpaceZero. version 0.76
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